Vonnegut on Bob Dylan

According to the website Page Six, Kurt Vonnegut, in an interview with Hustler magazine, once called Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan the “worst poet alive.”   The quote is part of a 1991 interview that will be reprinted in the December issue of Hustler.  This is the first time I’ve seen this interview referenced.

The Page Six story can be read at the following link:

Vonnegut Calls Dylan Worst Poet Alive


2011 Interview with Donald Farber

Check out this 2011 interview with Vonnegut’s long-time agent, business manager, and friend Donald Farber.

Donald Farber on the Legacy of Kurt Vonnegut

Interestingly, Farber is asked about Vonnegut’s final, unfinished novel, If God Were Alive Today.  On the question of whether or not it would ever see the light of day, Farber responds, “…of course I’ve thought about it.  But it’s unfinished, and there’s no point in publishing an unfinished work. Kurt had said everything he had to say.”  Farber later states, “We will not publish Kurt’s unfinished work.”

Despite Farber’s comments, If God Were Alive Today was eventually published in 2012, the year after the interview, as part of the book We Are What We Pretend to Be.



A Writer’s Roots: Kurt Vonnegut’s Indiana

WFYI in Indianapolis has produced a new documentary, “A Writer’s Roots: Kurt Vonnegut’s Indiana.”  The hour-long film explores Vonnegut’s family history and childhood along with the Hoosier state’s long influence on Vonnegut’s life and art.

Originally airing on December 28, 2015, it is available for viewing at the following link:

A Writer’s Roots: Kurt Vonnegut’s Indiana

Definitely worth watching–start the New Year with this engaging documentary.