Vonnegut Trivia – Week of September 24, 2017

This week’s question is from Slapstick, first published in 1976.

What is the subtitle found on the title page of the novel Slapstick?

  1. The Children’s Crusade
  2. So it Goes
  3. Lonesome No More!
  4. Dammit! You’ve Got to Be Kind!

For the correct answer, visit the following Kickstarter page to help fund a new mental health initiative from the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library.  As most Vonnnegut fans know, Kurt suffered from depression, and his mother committed suicide.  Characters experiencing the ravages of mental illness appear frequently in his fiction.  Those able to make a donation to support this worthy program can do so at the link below, which includes a short video about the program:


The answer to last week’s question was #3–readers of Cat’s Cradle know that foma are harmless lies.

Our contest to win a copy of Kurt Vonnegut Complete Stories remains open until October First.    Sign up to follow The Daily Vonnegut or send us an email at thedailyvonnegut@gmail.com to be entered to win.


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