Vonnegut Trivia – Week of October 8, 2017

For this week’s question, we stick with short fiction.  Kurt Vonnegut Complete Stories is now available at local bookstores.

Q: In which early Vonnegut story does a rich man pretend to be poor so he can pursue his passion for playing roadhouse piano under the guise of needing the money?

  1. Who Am I This Time?
  2. The Foster Portfolio
  3. Miss Temptation
  4. Ambitious Sophomore

Check back next week for the answer.  The correct response to last week’s question was #4.  “Welcome to the Monkey House” was first published in Playboy.

For more, check out the new Vonnegut Video of the Month–a 2006 interview in which Kurt discusses censorship in America.

Vonnegut Video of the Month – Kurt Vonnegut on Censorship

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