Vonnegut Trivia – Week of November 12, 2017

A belated “Happy Birthday” to Kurt Vonnegut, who was born on November 11, 1922.

This week’s question delves into the Vonnegut family tree.

Q: Kurt Vonnegut had two older siblings, his brother Bernard, and an older sister.  What was Vonnegut’s sister’s name?

A) Edith

B) Jane

C) Jill

D) Alice

Check back next week for the  answer. The correct response to last week’s question was (C).  A granfalloon is a proud and meaningless association of human beings.

If you missed this week’s interview with Zachary Perdieu, you can read the full interview here: The Many Vonneguts- An Interview with Zachary Perdieu.

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