Vonnegut Trivia: Week of December 17, 2017

This week’s question is from Timequake, Vonnegut’s last novel, published in 1997.

At the beginning of Timequake, Vonnegut writes that “a plausible mission of artists is to make people appreciate being alive at least a little bit.”  Who does Vonnegut identify as an artist(s) who pulled it off?

a) The Beatles

b) Laurel and Hardy

c) Bob and Ray

d) Benny Goodman

Check back next week for the correct response.  The answer to last week’s question was C.  San Lorenzo is the small island nation on which much of Cat’s Cradle is set.

Still not done with your holiday shopping for the Vonnegut fan in your life?  Visit Vonnegut.com for gift ideas.


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