Vonnegut Trivia – Week of February 18, 2018

Here’s another question from Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons:

In the essay “Teaching the Unteachable,” what subject does Vonnegut consider unteachable?

a) How to be happy

b) How to be a good spouse

c) How to write well

d) How to survive being a POW

Check back next week for the answer.  The correct response to last week’s question was A- The 1972 Republican Convention, which Vonnegut described as “Disneyland under martial law.”

Need help navigating the ups and downs of online life?  Jaya Saxena, on Electric Lit, offers “What Kurt Vonnegut Can Teach Us About Coping With the Internet.”

Thanks to Jim O’Loughlin for the sending the link to Electric Lit.  Check out this interview with Jim about new fiction inspired by Vonnegut’s work.

Jim O’Loughlin – The World of Kurt Vonnegut

O’Loughlin’s Vonnegut-inspired story, “I Need a Miracle,” is available here.

Finally, for more Vonnegut, here’s a 2005 appearance on CSPAN-2’s Book TV.

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