Test your Vonnegut IQ!  Each month The Daily Vonnegut will post a new trivia quiz about the life and work of the great American author, Kurt Vonnegut.  We’ll also post reviews of Vonnegut’s work, interviews with Vonnegut friends and scholars, and point out other websites with Vonnegut-related content.  Join the karass and follow our site for your daily dose of KV.  Click “Following”  at the bottom right of the screen for  updates.

Chuck Augello (Publisher/Editor)

Chuck Augello lives in New Jersey with his wife, three cats, and several unnamed birds that inhabit the back yard.  His work has appeared or is upcoming in One Story, Juked, Hobart, Word Riot, Jelly  Bucket, Smokelong Quarterly, The Review Review, and other journals.  A graduate of the MFA Program at Queens University in Charlotte, he’s the Fiction Editor for the online journal Cease, Cows.

Say “Hi” at thedailyvonnegut@gmail.com.

John Rebernik  (Editor)

John Rebernik lives in New Jersey and is a long-time Vonnegut fan.



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