Vonnegut Trivia – Week of July 16, 2017

For this week’s question, we visit Vonnegut’s 1997 novel, Timequake.

Name the work of fiction by Ernest Hemingway featured in the Prologue of Timequake.

The answer to last week’s question is Kazak.  Kazak is the name of Winston Niles Rumfoord’s dog in The Sirens of Titan.  Vonnegut uses the same name for dog characters in Breakfast of Champions and Galapagos.

For more on the Vonnegut-Hemingway connection, be sure to read our recent interview with Professor Lawrence R. Broer.

Vonnegut and Hemingway – Writers at War

Vonnegut Trivia – Week of July 2, 2017

For this week’s question, we enter the world of Vonnegut’s short fiction:

What was the name of the Lincoln High School band director who appears in several early stories, including “The Kid Nobody Could Handle,” reprinted in the Welcome to the Monkey House collection?  

The answer to last week’s question is “Report on the Barnhouse Effect,” which was Vonnegut’s first published story.  Collier’s paid $750 for the story.  For Vonnegut, this was the equivalent of two months’ salary at GE.

In September, Seven Stories Press will publish Vonnegut’s Complete Stories, edited by Jerome Klinkowitz and Dan Wakefield, with a Foreword by Dave Eggers.  Organized thematically, the book features 97 stories and over 1,000 pages.


Vonnegut Trivia – Week of June 25, 2017

This week’s question is about Kurt’s early career as a writer of short fiction for popular magazines like Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s, aka “the slicks.”

Which story, featured in the Welcome to the Monkey House collection, was Vonnegut’s first published work of fiction?

The answer to last week’s question was Adolf Hitler.  Otto Waltz befriended the future dictator during his days as a student painter in Europe.

For more Vonnegut, check out this interview with Salon from October, 1990.



Vonnegut Trivia – Week of June 18, 2017

For this Father’s Day edition of Vonnegut Trivia, we visit Deadeye Dick, and explore the tragic ineptitude of Rudy’s father, the would-be painter Otto Waltz.

Which historical figure did Otto Waltz befriend during his time in Vienna?

The correct response to last week’s question is The Sermon on the Mount.

Be sure to check out Marc Leeds’s essay, What Would Kurt Vonnegut think of Donald Trump?