What I Pretended to Be – by Zachary Perdieu

What I Pretended to Be – by Zachary Perdieu

Zachary Perdieu is co-Vice President of the Kurt Vonnegut essay.  In the following essay, he shares how Vonnegut’s work helped shape his future academic career.  

What I Pretended to Be

Ask any friend of mine to provide a few details about me, and my affinity for Kurt Vonnegut would never slip past the third listed item. Despite this, I was late to the clambake, so to speak, relative to many other Vonnegut fans and scholars. A common story among Vonnegut fans involves youthfully stumbling upon one of the author’s novels on a parent’s or older sibling’s bookshelf, or perhaps being assigned “Harrison Bergeron” in high school, and, from that young age, the fan carried Vonnegut into adulthood. My story isn’t so different, I suppose, but I would venture to paint it as a bit more dramatic.

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What I Pretended to Be by Zachary Perdieu

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  • Anne Doneal DeMars
    Posted at 15:39h, 28 October Reply

    Bravo!! I got goose bumps when you spoke about reading your first Vonnegut. I have read Anna K. but Robinson Crusoe no…..not even sure if I will ever.haha

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